Thursday, May 15, 2014

More Space by Hanging Things

There's only so much space.

There's only so much space in the garden, only so much space in the greenhouse, only so much space on the patio.

So I hang some things.

These are slicing cucumbers. I've not done these in a hanging pot before. They didn't look strong enough for putting out in the garden (but I hadn't thought about the cold frame yet).

This is the first of the hanging tomatoes this year.

I realized that a weak point is where the stalks are dangling over the side of the pots, rubbing on the top of the pot.

So I opened the drainage holes in some hanging pots, and stuck the tomatoes in those holes. We'll see how this does.

I grow some shallow-root herbs above. In this case, cilantro and sage.

This is how we do that.

These are lemon cucumbers. We do these in hanging pots every year. They do tremendously well in pots.

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