Sunday, April 21, 2013

Busy Weekend in the Dirt. Lots of Dirt.

Made a whole lot of dirt this weekend. I'll be growing a lot of plants in pots on the patio (and other places), so we'll need a whole lot of potting soil.

Today's recipe:

  • ½ a wheelbarrow of "Garden mix" (which is ⅓ topsoil and ⅔ mushroom compost).
  • 3-4 shovels full of plain old topsoil. Ours is pretty sandy.
  • ½ - gallon of Pearlite (crushed pumice). 
  • 1 - 2 gallons peat moss.
  •  ½ cup ground bone meal. 
Stir it all up with a shovel, and fill pots. Then fill some more pots.  Then put a bunch into big covered bins for use later. 

I believe I made about 12 wheelbarrow-loads of potting soil today. ALL of it is in containers now.

This was, when it was full, half of the garden mix I was working with. I'm a wealthy man.

Documenting stuff: Planted carrots and lettuce in the blank spot in the onion bed. (I was going to plant more onions, but I forgot and planted them in a container in the greenhouse. Durn.)

And I side-mulched the rest of the onions with the new garden mix (not the potting soil mix). The beds have never been stunningly fertile, despite the heavy load of horse-made fertilizer last fall.

I'll bet this helps the soil.

I'm tired & sore.

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