Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday, In the Rain

Just documenting a disjointed day.

First of all, made a new friend today.

The rhubarb is doing pretty well.

We're going to get some kale seeds. Soon.

Looks like we're going to have squash, too.

These are Zukes, German Pumpkins, and one last golden nugget (far right). These are a week or two old. I've already had to transplant two more of the golden nuggets: they've grown too big for their starter pots that fast.

Transplanted some more broccoli.

Peas are finally coming up. I planted them around Valentines day. I think guess Saint Patrick's is a better choice.

Same story on the radishes: planted in February; should have been March.

Potatoes haven't done real well. I suspect I planted them too early as well.

So I'm kind of rebooting. I have some extra seed potatoes, and they've sprouted in their storage bags. So rather than just plop 'em in the Tater Towers, I figured I'd get 'em started a little better. Four purple, three red, a handful of white ones.

And I pruned the mint pot. Now my hands smell like mint. That was the plan, of course.

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