Saturday, April 6, 2013


One of the best things about having a greenhouse is that all the rules change. My favorite rule to change is "You can't grow those in Washington."

So let's do this. 

Left to right:
  • Bay Laurel (source of bay leaves for soups and curries), 
  • Manzanillo Olive ("Manzanillo is ranked as the world's number one table olive"),
  • "Wonderful" Pomegranate (Punicia granatum: an "upright, fountain shaped variety, developed for increased fruiting").
Let it be known that I've never grown any of these. So I'm kind of excited.

Now here's the weird part: I bought these on eBay. (May I recommend John Gray of Gray Gardens? Good folks!)

I should have my fig tree by the end of the month. Then I'm done. For a while, anyway. 

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