Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Disaster Strikes

I came home from work last night to this:

It turns out that when I put the shelves up - the shelves that held all my starts - that I should have done more than merely follow the instructions. They needed heavier screws, and in more places.

They pulled some screws out of the boards, and the bottom shelf, came tumbling to the ground.

I lost a lot of starts, maybe a couple hundred, but by no means all of them; I'd re-potted many of the best ones to larger pots a day or two before.

Unfortunately, all the starts I was keeping for my mama are dead.

I was able to save a couple of dozen starts; I hope they survive. I planted some of the brassica outdoors, and some of the peppers & tomatoes might have had enough roots to re-pot.

We'll see how things survive. . 

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