Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Holy Grail (for This Greenhouse)

I haven't reached it yet, but it's in sight.

This is the closest thing to a "Holy Grail" for me. This is the main - or at least the best - reason for a greenhouse.

These are Sun Sugar tomato plants: orange colored balls of the sweetest, juiciest tomato goodness that will grow on on a plant. My goal was to have two hanging pots with Sun Sugars dangling from them, just for snacking.

Actually, they're pretty good, but they're not my thing. They're Sue's thing. My thing is ... is ... well, it includes herbs. Especially basil. 

Speaking of basil.... This is some of my basil this year. I suppose I should stop whining about herbs
being slow this year. I keep forgetting how sensitive basil is to cool temperatures. So usable basil in March or April probably isn't such a bad thing.

True confession: these came from the produce department at Trader Joe's. Now, they're a foot tall, beginning to fill out, and ready to grace some sandwiches and salads. Mmmm!

These are the basil plants that I'm growing from
seed. Maybe not so impressive. They're maybe an inch tall.

Actually, I'm probably ahead of schedule on these too. They probably shouldn't go outside until June. I hope they last that long.

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