Thursday, March 21, 2013

An Appealing Tool

OK, that was a cheap attempt at a pun: an aPEELing tool. Yeah. I know. Kinda lame.

This is an apple peeler. Actually,it's an apple Peeler, Slicer and Corer, all in one.

Application is really easy: stick the apple on the tines on the end of the spiral, and begin turning the handle.

The apple rotates against the peeling blade (which is adjustable: thin or thick), and then through a coring piece with a slicing blade.

Pull the spiral-cut apple off and slice through it, top to bottom, and lay the slices into your apple pie or (even better), your dehydrator!

How does it work? Splendidly!

Plus you get some really good food for your worm box! Woohoo!

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