Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Moving Out the Greenhouse Taters

As described before, I had some potatoes in the cupboard too long. So I planted them. They've done wonderfully.

But I wanted the greenhouse space. And I wanted more from them! So I built 2 more Tater Towers.

Rather than remove them from these pots (potatoes don't transplant well, I don't suppose), I just put the pot in the bottom of the tater tower, surrounded it all they way to nearly the top (2') of the tower with straw, and then filled in around the plants with dirt. They'll grow more taters off the plant that's buried.

The tater starts I had earlier are just beginning to bud (I should have gotten them budding before planting. Next time!). These are going gangbusters.

These are all red potatoes.



I seem to have damaged the tater plants. They were not happy the next few days. 

I keep watering them. The top one (which is completely out of focus) has new growth on it.

Not sure if I see fresh growth (yet) on this one.

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