Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Blueberry Tree

So my sweetheart knows of an office building that's going to be bulldozed next weekend. But it has plants around it! They must be rescued!

This one qualifies for the garden blog: it's a blueberry bush. Well, it's big enough, I'll call it a blueberry tree. But it is supposed to produce edible yumminess. So it's in the garden blog.

Brought it home in a 30 gallon bucket, full of the acid-y, beauty-bark soil it likes so much. And My sweetie planted it in the back garden. We specifically chose a spot that's within reach of people standing on the grass.

We rather enjoy grazing on our garden. Our peas are specifically for that purpose: we plant sugar snap peas, and we grow them up a trellis with walkways around it, specifically so we and our guests can much on them, fresh from the vines.

Afterwards, I was working in the greenhouse, watering stuff, celebrating new sprouts (like Sun Sugar tomatoes! Our own seeds! and Carnival squash! Our own seeds again!), and harvesting the red onions from the dehydrator. (They made more than a cup of wonderful onion powder! Outstanding!)

I had forgotten that we often eat dinner after work (instead of hauling trees around town!). I was interrupted by my sweetheart bringing me a fresh, juicy hamburger (with gorgonzola dressing instead of mayo! Heaven!) and a Stockyard stout.

I finished my work with a happy heart.


Update: in Mid April, we got a little brother for the beastie. We should have loads of blueberries one year soon! 

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