Saturday, March 9, 2013

First Herbs of the Season

One of my goals for this year's garden is about herbs. I'm looking forward to drying them, grinding them, and cooking with them.

I've got some rosemary just started drying. I love how rosemary grows strong and healthy all winter long. It's one of my favorite spices to cook with. Particularly on fish and chicken.  

So now the greenhouse smells like rosemary.

It appears that herbs dry incredibly quickly. Twelve hours is probably too long, in an active dehydrator.

And here's the first batch of sage. I didn't know that sage kept going during the winter. I've never understood how to get the most out of sage, but my sweetheart says, "When you think sage, think white meat: chicken and pork."

Dry it in the dehydrator (only a day in the active one), and several minutes in a food processor, and it's ready for use. Now to figure how to use it.

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