Sunday, March 3, 2013

Updating the Herb Inventory: Mint

Yesterday, I did an Herb Inventory, checking on how things did coming through winter. The mint was particularly discouraging. But a friend educated me about mint and winters, so I dug in a little deeper.

After cutting back all the dead stalks and pulling out the weeds, I found, in all cases, the mint was very much alive down underneath it all, getting ready to launch into new growth as soon as nobody was looking.

Here is the spearmint. That's a whole lotta life down there, getting ready to launch.

This is the lemon balm.That looks incredibly healthy! (Now to figure out what to do with lemon balm!)

This is the chocolate peppermint that I thought had not survived. That's doing pretty well down there, especially considering we're only at the beginning of March.

And the most important: the peppermint. Look at all that life. I had to prune back a couple of runners: it was trying to escape the planter it's in.

We're going to have mint this year!

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