Friday, March 15, 2013

Future Herbs and Spices

I've discovered over the past several months that home-made onion powder is substantially better than even the best of the store-bought stuff.

I am now trying to keep three different kinds of onion powder around: white onion, sweet onion and red onion.

These are sweet onions, on their way to becoming onion powder. This came from 6 or 7 medium size sweet onions, and it will make about half a cup of really amazing onion powder, that really does taste like sweet onions!

And as long as we're documenting things, here's the first sage crop of the year.The active dehydrator finished this off in about 30 hours, though it might have not needed even that. Then I ground it up in a $5.00 food processor from Goodwill, to a fine powder, and loaded it into the Sage canister in the herb collection.

And rosemary does well in the winter as well. I harvested a goodly chunk, and filled the greenhouse with its fragrance. Soon we'll have fresh rosemary powder.

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