Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pea Progress: Nearly None

An update on the peas, which were planted mid February.

There is no progress. Or not much. I have two pea sprouts. I heard something this week about Saint Patrick's Day being pea planting season. I understand better.

For review, we planted: 
Near side: 2010 Territorial. (two sprouted)
Far side: 2011 Ed Hume (zero sprouted)

I've also heard folks say that seed peas don't last terrifically long. It's interesting that the peas that sprouted were the older ones, though. 

So I planted what I had: more of the 2011 Ed Hume seeds. But this time, I planted them mid/late March. Some of these have sprouted in pots in the greenhouse, so I infer that the weather is a factor.

I think I saw another package of seeds, 2012 seeds. I can try those next.

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